Thoughts on 2014

Hi Guys! I know this comes a little late but better late than never, right? Below are a few thoughts from 2014.

While flipping through my Instagram feed on the 31st of December, searching for a few favorites to put into a Flip-a-gram, I was reminded of just how beautiful time is. I usually feel like the clock is against me. “Getting old” isn’t my favorite and I’m sad that my boys are growing up- they should stay 5 forever! But my feelings looking back on 2014 are well, pretty awesome…

I’ve never experienced so many magical moments in a years time. I had really big goals on my list going into last January and all but one of them was checked off of that list. The one unattained was a bit silly anyway so I’m not too bummed. The 2014 goals for the business were extremely challenging but doable. And we did it! Of course there were many moments of panic but that’s where the magic always happens. We scramble, we get creative, we pray, and pray some more for a miracle to happen when we find ourselves in a bind. I cannot tell you how many times we had inventory deliveries show up early or an unexpected someone walk into the warehouse and offer to help out exactly when we needed it. Sure enough, things always worked out. Miracles, folks!

The highlight of the year for me was going to Uganda with The Global Belief Project. It was life changing! My kids had never even been on a plane before, myself never outside the country and there we were last August, standing in the middle of a jungle. Uganda is an incredible country- so much beauty! It was in the villages outside of Jinja that I saw first hand the lives that were changed because of the clean water provided by GBP. Seeing the impact of clean water, changed me. Global Belief has a special place in my heart so naturally, MBC will be looking for ways to support them in 2015.

This year is pretty huge for us. We are currently moving into a larger space, have hired new lovelies to join the crew and are working our booties off to bring you new, exciting products and collaborations! Somebody pinch me because I do not deserve this journey. MBC is so much more than numbers or “business” to me- it’s my story, my American dream come true. My grateful heart is bursting at the seams with glee and I’m in wonderment to our Creator for all that He has done. My prayers have been answered and miracles have happened! I can do nothing less than praise Him for He is truly good.

I want to say thank you to everyone who was a part of MBC this past year. Our customers, vendors, our locals, our suppliers, USPS, UPS, FEDEX, friends and family. We couldn’t grow the business without your help and support. We are thankful for all that you do. It’s because of you that we have a story and a future.

Here’s to moving forward in 2015- upward and onward. Cheers!!



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